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鱼目混珠 Passing off fish eyes as pearls

鱼目混珠 Passing off fish eyes as pearls


传说,很久以前,在楚国有一个人名叫陈绍,有一天,他从市集买了一颗珍珠。这颗珍珠又 圆又大,光彩夺目,着实是人见人爱。
 陈绍有一个邻居,名叫林茂。某一日,林茂在市场捡到一颗鱼眼珠,自以为是一颗珍珠,于 是便郑而重之地收藏起来。 一年后,村里有一个富翁生了重病,郎中开了药方,需要用珍珠做药引子,于是富翁家便出 高价到处搜购珍珠,而且是愈大的,价钱愈是高得令人咋舌。

 陈绍知道后,就把自己收藏的珍珠拿了出来,又听说林茂家也有一颗,便约了他一起拿到富 翁家去卖。到了富翁家,两颗珍珠一拿出来,陈绍的珍珠柔柔亮亮,闪闪动人,而林茂的鱼 眼珠,虽也是又大又圆,却黯淡无光。

 最后,当然是陈绍的珍珠卖了个好价钱,欢天喜地的回家,而林茂则因意图鱼目混珠,被富 翁的管家扭送衙门吃官司去了。

Once upon a time, a man named Man Yuan bought a big pearl with a diameter of about three centimeters. He treasured it so much that he kept it in a very secret and secure place and seldom showed it to others.
A neighbor called Shou Liang envied Man Yuan very much and longed to possess such a treasure himself. One day Shou Liang caught sight of a very big fish eye lying on the ground. He mistook it for a pearl and almost went mad with joy. He hid it safely and began to swell with pride. He said showily:
“Man Yuan has nothing so extraordinary. I also have a big pearl, as big as his. Huh!” Then, someone fell ill in their vicinity and was badly in need of a pearl as an ingredient to be added to a dose of herbal medicine. The patient’s family was trying desperately to find one and offered a very high price. Hearing this, both Man Yuan and Shou Liang took out their pearls and showed them to the buyer.
Man Yuan’s pearl was dazzling brilliant with lovely luster and splendour but Shou Liang’s “pearl” was dim and dull. When the two pearls were put together, it was easy to tell the genuine from the sham. Shou Liang was speechless.
A: From that story people drew the idiom Yú Mù Hùn Zhū鱼目混珠. We use it to describe those who genuinely believe that something fake is genuine or, more broadly, that something bad is good.

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